Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking the Leap in Stride

Pope Gregory XIII is credited with having created the concept we now call Leap Year in the 1500s as way to balance the calendar and keep all of us on schedule.  How has that been working out for you?  Personally, I think it is interesting to ponder – from the Horse Dad’s perspective – what things might be like the next time February 29 rolls around. 

Not that I’m one inclined to fast-forward through life.  I can carpe diem as good as the next guy.  Still, it is true that the period between today and February 29, 2016, holds the potential for significant change as it relates to our family’s interaction with horses and the people who love them.

By that point, for example, our oldest will be well along her path in continued pursuit of equestrian goals.  What will that look like and what will her course have been up to then?  What will be the name of the horse she is riding?  Our youngest will be situated in school where our oldest is now.  What will her Ribbon Quest have yielded by then?  Will her Buddy – four years older – still be her mount or will he be enjoying the lush paddocks of a well-deserved retirement?  What will folks be paying for a round bale?  A gallon of diesel?  The mind races.

So we will slow our stride here a bit.  Back down to an easy lope.  Enjoy this sunny day and say a prayer for those across the country hit by darker skies.  Happy birthday, Billy Turner, and happy trails to all.

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