Friday, June 1, 2012


The close of another school year punctuates thoughts about the hastened pace of the passage of time.  If you are a parent, I am sure your share that feeling with me at some level.  The achievements of our children – highlighted as they tend to be this time of year – produce a satisfying sense of accomplishment even as they underscore the rapid move from Kindergarten to Commencement.

Even the (surprisingly quick) process of culling still-fresh materials gathered from the year just past is an indicator of accomplishment and the movement of time.  “Dad,” I hear from the next room, “do you want to keep my Texas history notes?”  No, those can be recycled.  Just retain the knowledge.

Achievement is also evident in the equestrian arena.  Earlier this week, I watched from up the hill as our two girls participated in a jumping lesson.  No one else in the lesson, just our two kids.  I think what struck me deepest as I watched them alternate on courses either they or their instructor defined was how elegantly and how proficiently they perform something that I am completely and utterly unable to do.  Flying over jumps.  Speeding toward the next one.  Horse and kid (almost always) in sync. That is really cool! 

If we were talking about hitting a golf ball or returning a tennis serve, I could hold my own in the endeavor (note, no claim here of elegance or proficiency).  But in the equestrian arena, it is all them:  their desire to excel, their enjoyment of the sport that so few of their friends understand, their love of their animals.  It is really fun to watch.  And even in the face of setbacks, it continues to be a real blessing.

I have a friend whose son is the “screamer” in a fledgling screamo/rock band (I’m not making this up) and even as distant as this is from my friend’s own background, his pride in and support for his son just bubbles forth ever time we talk about it.  The achievements of our kids – whatever form they may take – bring to us this interesting sense of accomplishment-by-association, I guess.  Perhaps especially so if we find ourselves watching their talents unfurl and wondering, “Now, where did that come from?” 

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  1. I sure know what you are talking about.... my daughter is a lawyer..... didn't get it from me!