Friday, January 27, 2012

Cowboy Man

I was pleased to read the cover story in the December/January issue of Equestrian magazine, featuring Lyle Lovett.  The Texas singer/songwriter is a friend of mine from our college days.  Between us, we have four Grammys … These days, Lyle can be spotted with some frequency participating in reining events across the country.  In the article, he shared with writer Kitson Jazynka some personal insights on growing up around horses – and growing up with a father who appreciated horses. 

“My dad was very hands-on with the horses,” Lovett tells Jazynka.  “When he passed away in 1999, there was something therapeutic about doing his barn chores for him.  I still miss my dad every day, but having the horses around and knowing that I was doing something that would have made him happy helped me get through a difficult time.”  Read the entire article here.

Whether you are a Horse Dad or are related to a Horse Dad, I’m wondering, what therapeutic value do you find in the barn chores you do?


  1. Congrats on the Grammy...

    Anyway, I'd like to introduce myself, Horse Husband. Or, for effect, should I say Show Horse Husband? Regardless, I have found few of us out here in bloggerland. We must join together and embrace our abilities of writing large sum checks while holding a lead rope and a brush tote and a saddle. Welcome, and keep a fresh pen in your pocket.

  2. Hey, Cedar View. To assure that my feeble humor is transparent, the talented Mr. Lovett garnered all the Grammys ... and it remains true that between us we have four of those beauties. Happy trails ...

  3. Horse Dad, I really like your blog so far. I got your comment and am considering how I want to re-approach the time spent with my Dad on the blog. I actually am wanting to document the entire trip as it held a lot of emotional challenge for me. Stay tuned, the Texas series isnt over.

  4. Seems like almost everyone I knew as a journalism student at Aggieland knows Lovett from back in the day. Sadly, I missed out somehow ... but I'm glad to know how much he appreciates, through horses, his father's legacy.